When safety and reliability are paramount concerns, there are no standards too high for our team and products.

Some of the most innovative applications and demanding standards are every day matters for the engineers supporting aircraft, spacecraft, satellites, defense systems, and other specialized projects.  All of these applications are facing the need to accommodate more and more sophisticated sensors, safety features, connectivity and automation.

This is why we remain focused on providing proven solutions and real-world expertise to help you face escalating demands such as: uncompromising safety and reliability, faster speed to market, fitting more technology into tighter spaces, and meeting higher specifications for low TCR and long-term stability.

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You’ll find Isabellenhütte components on some of the most sophisticated and technology-packed spacecraft in the universe.  Recent projects we have played a role in, include: JUICE (JUpiter ICy moons Explorer), Galileo GIO VE-A satellites, and the Automated Transfer Vehicle (Jules Verne) Europe’s version of the Space Shuttle.  Anywhere reliability and performance need to fit into tight spaces, the proven performance of our products is right at home.

Countless aircraft built using our resistors have been functioning
successfully for many years. Our current shunts are being used in power modules that power mission-critical systems.

We have been supplying sense resistors to the aerospace industry for more than twenty years – always meeting the toughest industry-wide and customer-specific quality standards. Our products meet the highest requirements in terms of temperature coefficient (TC), thermal EMF, long-term stability, inductance and load capacity—essential for “can’t-fail” applications whose durations may be measured in decades and distances in light-years.

Our thermoelectric alloys play a key role in the efficiency of aircraft turbines by precisely and continuously measuring exhaust gas temperatures around the circumference of the combustion annulus.

Isabellenhütte alloys (dispensed in a unique atomizing process) are sprayed onto the leading edge of wings and air intakes to create effective de-icing circuitry.

Historically, heat-treated aluminum has been the primary structural material for aerospace structural applications.  Even among today’s new developments in composites and plastics, heat-treated aluminum continues to dominate. To support the demanding needs of manufacturers working with this metal, Isabellenhutte supplies the most stable SLE bare thermoelectric wires to facilitate the accurate measurement and maintenance of high-temperature heat treating processes.

Battery management systems containing Isabellenhütte shunt-based sensing modules increase the accuracy of voltage and current measurement—helping technology providers supply state-of-the-art systems that deliver efficiency and longer battery life.

On-board aircraft, inverters convert the main bus direct current (DC), into an alternating current (AC) which is used by multiple devices—in both critical and auxiliary operations.  It is imperative to accurately measure each phase in order to be able to control the inverter power electronics. Isabellenhütte products deliver accuracy, reliability and durability when safety matters most.

Many experts believe manned, multi-rotor drones will become an important transportation method in the mid-term future—especially in urban areas.  In designing these electric craft, minimizing weight is a primary consideration. Achieving the right balance between battery size and range is critical. Isabellenhütte supplies highly accurate, compact and lightweight current-sensing / energy-measurement  technology ready to advance these aircraft—solutions that come with a proven track record in precision-driven, high-performance applications.