Three measurements from a single sensor! Intelligent, digital current, voltage and temperature sensors for battery management systems (BMS). Full temperature compensation and calibration over the lifetime of the component. Galvanic isolation 1000V(DC). Amperage and coulomb counter. Automotive-qualified. Extensive error-detection/diagnostic features.

  • Option for up to three high-voltage measurement channels
    • Monitor battery stack voltage
    • Monitor Intermediate circuit voltage
    • Monitor Relay functions
  • Customer-configurable parameters:
    • Enable, disable, or trigger sensing channels
    • Set cycle times
    • Set overcurrent thresholds
    • Other parameters: e.g. set CAN IDs for result messages, etc.
  • Characteristics of the IVT-Series
    • Selectable current measurement ranges 100, 300, 500, 1,000 and 2,500A
    • Internally verified current measurement
    • CANbus 2.0 interface
    • Can be used on the high or low side of the battery
    • OC range up to 48kA

NEW! – IVT 3.0 / IVT 3.0 Pro – The next generation in sensing (IVT 3.0 Now available! IVT 3.0 Pro, B-samples available)

A new level of compact high-precision smart sensing, built on a platform
that allows the custom addition of functional components to suit many different use cases. The Pro version supports insulation resistance monitoring and 3 or 6 channels voltage measurement. The IVT 3.0 Series is developed according to ISO 26262:2018 and is ASIL-rated for EV/automotive applications.

Sample applications include:

  • Hybrid and full electric vehicle drives
  • Stationary energy storage systems
  • Uninterruptable power supply (UPS) systems
  • Battery and storage-based applications
  • Industrial Applications

Product highlights:

  • Highly accurate shunt-based current measuring system with active temperature compensation over lifetime
  • 3 or 6 voltage measurement channels (PRO version)
  • Active insulation monitoring (PRO version)
  • ASIL C on current sensing
  • ASIL B on voltage sensing and insulation monitoring
  • Secondary analog current sensing channel (optional)
  • Nominal current measurement range = ±1.000A
  • Extended measurement range: 4000A
  • Initial Accuracy = 0,1 % of rdg. + 0,005% of range at room temperature
  • Total Accuracy = 0,4 % of rdg. + 0,005% of range (over whole temperature range -40°C up to 125°C)
  • Galvanic insulation 1.000V
  • CAN 2.0B (CAN FD or SAE J1939 optional)
  • Temperature measurement
  • Supply voltage 12V-24V

ModelNominal sensing range (A)OC Range (A)Max Load 200ms (A)CAN TerminationVoltage Sensing ChannelsSupply VoltageProduct Details
IVT-S-100-U0-I-CAN1-12/24±100±800±2000yes12V-24VView More
12V-24VView More
IVT-S-100-U3-I-CAN1-12/24±100±800±2000yes312V-24VView More
IVT-S-100-U3-I-CAN2-12/24±100±800±2000no312V-24VView More
IVT-S-300-U0-I-CAN1-12/24±300±2500±3600yes12V-24VView More
IVT-S-300-U0-I-CAN2-12/24±300±2500±3600no12V-24VView More
IVT-S-300-U3-I-CAN1-12/24±300±2500±3600yes312V-24VView More
IVT-S-300-U3-I-CAN2-12/24±300±2500±3600no312V-24VView More
IVT-S-500-U0-I-CAN1-12/24±500±6900±6000yes12V-24VView More
IVT-S-500-U0-I-CAN2-12/24±500±6900±6000no12V-24VView More
312V-24VView More
IVT-S-500-U3-I-CAN2-12/24±500±6900±6000no312V-24VView More
IVT-S-1K-U0-I-CAN1-12/24±1000±12200±12000yes12V-24VView More
IVT-S-1K-U0-I-CAN2-12/24±1000±12200±12000no12V-24VView More
IVT-S-1K-U3-I-CAN1-12/24±1000±12200±12000yes312V-24VView More
IVT-S-1K-U3-I-CAN2-12/24±1000±12200±12000no312V-24VView More
IVT-S-2K5-U0-I-CAN1-12/24±2500±48000±24000yes12V-24VView More
IVT-S-2K5-U0-I-CAN2-12/24±2500±48000±24000no12V-24VView More
IVT-S-2K5-U3-I-CAN1-12/24±2500±48000±24000yes312V-24VView More
IVT-S-2K5-U3-I-CAN2-12/24±2500±48000±24000no312V-24VView More