Proud to support the technology that keeps the world moving-in industry, energy and beyond.

Our products rank among the finest in the world—for performance, security, reliability, and durability. You’ll find them in applications spanning automotive, aerospace, petrochemicals, instrumental analysis, process engineering, railways and control technology.

We produce specialized alloys for electrical trace heating and automotive cockpit comfort systems. Our alloys are essential for the production of thermocouples, dip sensors, quick cups for carbon testing in cast-iron melts, pilot light fuses, plug connectors, metallic Peltier elements, and many other industrial applications.

Our resistors are found in motor drive and braking systems; in power generation, conversion and transmission applications, as well as lighting control. Our precision measurement products support some of today’s most innovative clean-energy concepts, such as advanced battery-management systems, wind and solar (PV) systems, and power inverters.

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Factory automation suppliers use power resistor for motor drive and braking applications. Isabellenhütte USA offers UL-recognized resistors in components from 60 to 2800 watts. These extruded aluminum housings provide strong and rugged protection with short-time overloads of 5 to 10 times the power rating.

Power generation via solar, wind and home battery back-up systems require accurate voltage and current measurement for improved efficiency in power conversion. Isabellenhütte is the market leader in shunt technology thanks to our in-house manufactured precision resistance alloys.

Remote lighted billboards use power management systems in power monitoring applications to automatically switch to standby power (battery back-up) in the absence of primary power and to return to primary power when it is restored. Isabellenhütte shunts are used within these systems for accurate current measurement.

Isabellenhütte supplies thermoelectric alloys that play a vital role in the production of aluminum and steel. From blast furnaces to continuous casting, highly accurate and stable CuNi alloys are a critical controlling component of the molten metal production process.

Mineral Insulated (‘MI”) cable plays an important role in the infrastructure of high-rise buildings, stadiums, airports and hospitals. Isabellenhütte provides the bare thermoelectric and heating wires needed to construct these fire-protection cables which allow critical systems and power devices to remain operable during a fire.

In exploration, extraction, and refining, Isabellenhütte’s Isatherm Plus/Minus (Type K) alloys set the standard for temperature measurement under the most extreme conditions. We’re found in thermoelectric cables used to measure refinery pipe temperatures in harsh climates as well as components used in measuring down-hole temperature gradients in new well applications.

Resistance wires Isotan, Alloy 90 and Isazin are used to produce fine heating elements embedded into water and gas pipes. When energized, our wires transfer heat to the system pipes, which are then welded together by temperature.

Heat treating is a crucial process in the manufacturing of automotive, aerospace and industrial components. Isabellenhütte produces the most stable Type-K and -J thermoelectric wires in the industry. These wires provide the basis for accurate measurement and maintenance of high-temperature heat-treating processes.

Resistance wires Isotan, Alloy 90 and Isazin are used to produce fine heating elements embedded into water and gas pipes. When energized, our wires transfer heat to the system pipes, which are then welded together by temperature.

Applications that require large-scale electric energy storage are growing at an exponential pace. Beyond electric cars, applications such as stationary UPS and residential PV systems are on the rise—as are traction batteries for forklifts, mining and agricultural vehicles, airplane tractors and more. Our sensing modules provide the accurate current and voltage sensing needed to assure maximum range and longevity of these battery systems.

A wide array of applications that use electric drives require the inversion of DC or grid AC to multi-phase AC. In these applications, it is crucial to accurately measure each phase in order to control the inverter power electronics. Our sensing modules measure high-frequency current and provide a digital output signal to avoid magnetic interference / noise. They are easily powered using the inverter’s IGBTs / MOSFETs power supply. Sample uses include industrial machine drives, large electric construction equipment, agricultural or landscaping machines.

Designing effective renewable energy systems requires keeping energy losses to an absolute minimum. Being able to track and measure currents as they are being converted is essential—whether that conversion is DC to AC, AC to DC or AC frequency conversion. Our AC and DC current and voltage sensing modules help ensure maximum efficiency in these systems. Sample applications include frequency converters and inverters for wind power and central inverters for free-standing solar systems.