Our products set new standards for low-ohmic resistors, becoming the global benchmark in this field. Our physically optimized current sensors (“shunts”) provide a range of unique benefits:

  • Retain specified tolerances over the entire temperature range
  • Retain specified tolerances under full power load
  • Retain specified tolerances throughout the entire operating life cycle


If you currently spec a competing product, use our product comparison tool to find the IH product that best matches your current spec.

ModelMounting StyleResistance Range (Ω)(Low)Resistance Range (Ω)(High)WattagePackage SizeProduct Details
BRSSurface Mount0.0020.0252 W3812View More
BVBSurface Mount0.00020.00512 W2725 View More
BVESurface Mount0.00010.00215 W5930View More
BVFSurface Mount0.0010.00153 W1213View More
BVHSurface Mount0.00030.0025 W3820View More
BVNSurface Mount0.00030.00310 W1216View More
BVRSurface Mount0.00020.0035 W4026View More
BVSSurface Mount0.00020.00512 W3920View More
BVTSurface Mount0.00030.00686 W2512View More
BVZSurface Mount0.0005250.0039 W4026View More
CMKSurface Mount0.0100.1001 W1206View More
CMPSurface Mount0.0100.5002 W2010View More
CMSSurface Mount0.0100.5002.5 W2512View More
FMKSurface Mount0.00150.0064 W1206View More
FMPSurface Mount0.0030.0052.5 W2020View More
FMSSurface Mount0.00150.0065 W2512View More
GMPSurface Mount0.0100.0801 W2010View More
SMKSurface Mount0.0050.51 W1206View More
SMK-R000Surface Mount0.00020.5 W1206View More
SMPSurface Mount0.005132010View More
SMSSurface Mount0.005152512View More
SMS-R000Surface Mount0.000222512View More
SMTSurface Mount0.0044.772817View More
SMT-R000Surface Mount0.000222817View More
VLKSurface Mount0.0010.00510612View More
VLPSurface Mount0.0030.00621020View More
VMISurface Mount0.010.050.50805View More
VMI-R000Surface Mount0.00020.250805View More
VMKSurface Mount0.010.471.51206View More
VMK-NASurface Mount0.10.11 W1206View More
VMPSurface Mount0.0051Up to 3 W2010View More
VMP-NASurface Mount0.0250.0802 W2010View More
VMSSurface Mount0.0051Up to 4 W2512View More
WAFSurface Mount0.0004870.0017 W1213View More
WAKSurface Mount0.00050.0016 W1206View More