Our tradition of protecting life extends from the reaches of space-deep into the human body

Uncompromising performance and unquestioned reliability are the hallmark of our products, so it’s no surprise that we can be found supporting some of today’s most innovative and performance-sensitive medical devices and procedures. When uncompromising safety and reliability, faster speed to market, compact technology, and long-term stability are needed, our customers expect more from Isabellenhütte.

And we deliver.

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Our products help support cold storage products for laboratory and clinical applications such as the critical storage of human embryos. Other products include ultra-low temp freezers, specialized refrigerators, LN2 storage, and specialized freezer units.

Customized medical-grade versions of our type K and T thermocouple conductors are found in cardiac catheter products to help surgeons monitor process temperatures during procedures. These are known as “special limits of error” (SLE) thermocouple wires.

During ablation treatments for conditions such as tachycardia and atrial fibrillation, our high-quality wire provides precise and accurate measurement of delivered energy and tissue temperature.

High-grade thermocouples—capable of operating under high pressures and temperatures—are essential in medical autoclaves. These autoclaves are used for the sterilization of instruments, equipment and supplies—and the safe treatment of medical waste. Our bare thermocouple wires are used for producing thermocouple cables and probes to monitor and support these applications.