The precision resistance alloy MANGANIN®, developed by
Isabellenhütte, is especially characterized by low temperature
coefficient between +20 and +50 °C with a parabolic shape of the
R(T) curve, high long-term stability of electrical resistance,
extremely low thermal EMF versus copper and good working properties. Due to these features MANGANIN® is the standard material
for precision, standard and shunt resistors. MANGANIN® is the
basis for the production of ISA-PLAN® and ISA-WELD® components.
The maximum working temperature in air is +140 °C. However,
higher thermal loads in a non-oxidizing atmosphere are possible.
When used for precision resistors with the highest requirements,
the resistors should be carefully stabilised and the application
temperature should not exceed +60 °C. Exceeding the maximum working temperature in air may result in a resistance drift generated
by oxidizing processes. Thus, the long-term stability can be affected
negatively. As a result, the resistivity as well as the temperature
coefficient of the electric resistance may slightly change. It is also
used as low cost replacement material for silver solder for hard
metal mounting.

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