Managing increased temperatures in next-gen EV battery/charging systems:

How can you safely boost EV charging speeds and voltage capacity?

As EV and charging infrastructure applications heat up (literally) understanding temperature sensing is more critical than ever. In a new report from Global Spec—Temperature Management in Automotive Bus Bar Systems—you’ll find some new strategies for raising your performance (e.g. speed-to-charge or accommodating higher voltages) that meet limited space requirements—while maintaining desired safety capabilities.

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    How will you address tomorrow’s BMS demands? (And could you be doing more today?)

    Engineers and designers are being challenged more than ever to deliver more power—in smaller spaces—without running temperatures up past safe levels. Fortunately, recent innovations in bus bar circuitry and temperature sensing can help you deliver on charging speed and voltage demands. To be sure you’re up-to-date on next-gen solutions, download this quick report from Global Spec: Temperature Management in Automotive Bus Bar Systems.

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