Huff EV dragster is first to beat 200 mph using unique battery management strategy

The latest “secret weapon” in EV racing

The world’s “Fastest Man on Batteries” beats his own record at 202.82 MPH

Shunt-based sensors from Isabellenhuette deliver critical draw and torque demand

Not content with breaking the 200 MPH barrier in 2020, legendary EV pioneer Steve Huff has raised the bar again this year—clocking a 202.82 MPH run at the “Holley High Voltage Experience” on July 7th—and advancing his position as “The world’s fastest man on batteries.”

Huff’s latest dragster, named “Faster Than Cancer” (referring to Huff’s ongoing fight against urothelial cancer) rides on technology supplied by AEM Performance Electronics, including shunt-based current monitoring sensors (IVT-S) from Isabellenhütte USA.

Built by Huff Motorsports of SeaTac, WA, this latest dragster is the second electric car to top 200 mph on the quarter-mile. The other was Huff’s last EV dragster (2020) “Current Technology 2.0”.

To minimize vehicle weight, AEM designed an LV control system that eliminated the need for an on-board battery management system. Battery performance data can be downloaded after a race using the IVT-S sensors.

This “smart shunt” approach offers some significant advantages to EV manufacturers—and others developing high-performance BMS, including the ability to measure AC and DC current, very high bandwidth parameters, good performance in overcurrent conditions, high accuracy over a large temperature range, and immunity to EM interference.

AEM’s Jayson Glanville first discovered the Isabellenhütte smart shunts back in 2019. The AEM team was pleased that they integrated seamlessly with the VCU300 via CAN and provided the data and information they needed to break the speed record.

“The Isabellenhütte technology was the bridge that provided the critical data we needed to effectively control the dragster’s power,” Glanville says.  “It allowed AEM to help Huff Motorsports make history by safely breaking the 200 MPH mark for the very first time with an EV in the ¼ mile!”


About AEM Performance Electronics

AEM creates innovative products that set the standard in the performance aftermarket, delivering the highest level of product integrity and making advanced technologies accessible to the racing masses. They demonstrate a deep appreciation for every racer, enthusiast, and distribution partner who chooses to trust their products.

About Isabellenhütte USA

Isabellenhütte USA is headquartered in Swansea MA and has developed an industry-wide reputation for providing high-quality products and unparalleled customer support. They are known worldwide in industries ranging from aerospace and medical to energy and automotive.

500 years ago, a simple copper smelter perfected techniques to serve a customer base. Today, Isabellenhütte is one of the world‘s leading manufacturers of precision measurement systems, resistance and high-power resistors.

About Steve Huff Motorsports and “Faster Than Cancer Foundation” Steve Huff is a 14-time record-setting racer on Top Fuel, Pro Drag, and Land Speed racing motorcycles. Huff Motorsports manages multiple racing teams with Steve as the primary driver, designer & engineer. Now racing under the Faster Than Cancer Foundation brand, Huff Motorsports races the world’s fastest vehicles on 2 wheels, 4 wheels & no wheels (hydroplane) on dirt, salt, asphalt, and water. Setting records at over 200mph.